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The course we all wanted when in Law School

[September, 2012] By Andy Bartlett. Filed under: rascuache

I’m attending “Public Interest Lawyering, Civil Rights and Immigration Law” this fall. The first “class” was last Monday.

I graduated from King Hall last May, and took Prof. Saucedo’s Immigration Law class during my final semester. And I was getting withdrawal symptoms – missing the regular commute up I80 and the challenge of something new to read each week that can’t be put to one side because there are more pressing things to do. So I asked if I could join in. Its a mixed class. Some students from Davis, some from McGeorge. Clinical Professors from both schools. And guests.

The students are required to write a 1-2 page paper each week on their impressions of the material, and then a paper at the end of the semester. And I don’t have to. Yay, I have my diploma in the bag, signed by Jerry Brown. But you can’t really participate without participating, so I decided to blog the class.

Law Professors take note. This class sets the bar for you. Monday evening, round table discussion in the faculty dining room at McGeorge in Sacramento. Guest speaker, food provided, no laptops visible.



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