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DACA and the Affordable Care Act

[September, 2012] By Andy Bartlett. Filed under: Immigration Law,law,rascuache

Following on from Bill Hing’s presentation in the first meeting, the second Salon Saucedo discussion was led by Shiu Min Cheer of the NILC. She briefed us about DACA, and many issues relating to the Dreamers. There is so much I could say here about that, but it would just rehash what everyone else is saying. One thing I hadn’t known about was the recent  HHS regulation that seems to deny DACA beneficiaries access to the Affordable Care Act. My initial reaction was that the HHS in the Obama Administration isn’t going to act irrationally, and if they make such a regulation, then their hands must be tied. If the legislation has already said who is and who isn’t eligible – then an executive order by the president isn’t going to be able to change the law. So this blog entry peels away the layers of the ACA onion, and takes a closer look at the HHS intermin final rule. Turns out I was wrong.


Bill Hing and the Rebellious Lawyer

[September, 2012] By Andy Bartlett. Filed under: Immigration Law,rascuache

I dislike the term “rebellious lawyer.” Which is why I am categorizing these posts under “rascuache.” Rebellious suggests a spoiled child. He’ll get over it. Its just a phase he’s going through. Only, Bill Hing never got over it.


The course we all wanted when in Law School

By Andy Bartlett. Filed under: rascuache

I’m attending “Public Interest Lawyering, Civil Rights and Immigration Law” this fall. The first “class” was last Monday.