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天琴座海妖 (Lira Siren) and WTC Prelude 12 in F minor

[December, 2020] By Andy Bartlett. Filed under: music

Everyone and their cat can play the Prelude in C from the WTC on their lever harp thanks to Anne-Marie O’Farrell’s workshops and now her published lever changes. Even more so now that it is on the grade 4 ABRSM syllabus.

Anne-Marie also includes a transcription of the C minor prelude from the lute suites in her collection.

But the other week I stumbled on this. A harpist who goes by the name Lira Siren 天琴座海妖 . Her YouTube channel is awesome. A couple of years ago she posted Prelude 12 on YouTube.


Cheap and cheerful Zoom digital piano lessons

[July, 2020] By Andy Bartlett. Filed under: music

I’m giving some online music lessons. I have been successfully using Zoom with Midi instruments for about 4 months now. This article is long because I do cover “almost” solutions before the one that works. You might be trying to get these “almost” to work – but they won’t. The solution does work very effectively for the situation where both teacher and student have digital/midi instruments. Feedback/suggestions welcome.

I have a Roland RD64, not a “real piano.” I use a Mac (currently on Mojave). And am using Zoom as the platform.

If you are using a piano, violin or other instrument, your microphone is going to do all the mixing you need. If you are using a digital instrument, why would you want to deal with microphone positioning when you have USB output.

However, going digital means learning far more than you ever wanted to know about Apple’s core audio, and Zoom’s features and limitations.

Here’s my story.