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I am an attorney and a programmer.

I have a law practice website for clients and prospective clients. Material on that site is intended to help pay for groceries through the practice of law.

Law and Software is my project website. It’s about stuff I do. It sometimes leads to interesting work, but only because it helps connect me with people who have similar interests and passions. So if you are interested in Unix, software tools, big data, flatlining, immigration law, the lives of long-term prisoners in California, legal services for those who can’t afford expensive lawyers, forensics, javascript, user interface migration or any of the subjects here, feel free to say hi.

And if you are an immigration lawyer who would be interested in mentoring an (older) new attorney, definitely say hi.

I’ve always been wary about “about me” pages, and for a long time I had this thank you to Mr. Protocol as my about page. I’m learning that “social media” is really about making real connections with people who have similar interests, so I’m slowly outing myself. You can find me on Linkedin and Twitter