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google glass refund. So sad, too bad

[December, 2013] By Andy Bartlett. Filed under: glass

My google glass experiment ended almost before it started.

i had received an invite. I chose a tangerine set and home delivery. It arrived next morning UPS next day air.

20 minutes into playing with glass, it was hot. The plastic side disagreeably warm, and the metal frame  even warmer. Ideal central heating for an arctic winter – but more like having a computer strapped to your head than a ‘wearable’

Glass shouldn’t be like that. i called glass support, and scheduled a visit to ‘Studio’ for a replacement. This morning I had an almost very pleasant visit to Studio on the embarcadero.

i made one mistake. I used the mirror and samples they have on show to try all the colors. And while I love tangerine, I realized the only color that would have a chance of being discrete enough to use with a client is shale.

so I wanted my replacement in shale rather than tangerine.

this turned out to be too hard for the google people.  They just don’t have the discretion to do that. Sadly I walked out of studio with a full refund, and glass-wary

Google have created a relaxing and impressive customer experience in their studio. However, it’s rather pointless. You don’t get to choose the color of your device – you do that based on poor quality images on the website. And once chosen, that’s it. At least I got to visit, try them all on, talk with some very nice people, and know what I would choose if ever I got a second invite.

I can’t imagine that I would have been allowed to leave an apple store without 5 blue shirts making sure that my problem was not just solved, but done in a way to ensure that I would come back for more.  google doesn’t quite get the idea of a paying customer. But at least they gave me the nicest refund I ever had.

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