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天琴座海妖 (Lira Siren) and WTC Prelude 12 in F minor

[December, 2020] By Andy Bartlett. Filed under: music

Everyone and their cat can play the Prelude in C from the WTC on their lever harp thanks to Anne-Marie O’Farrell’s workshops and now her published lever changes. Even more so now that it is on the grade 4 ABRSM syllabus.

Anne-Marie also includes a transcription of the C minor prelude from the lute suites in her collection.

But the other week I stumbled on this. A harpist who goes by the name Lira Siren 天琴座海妖 . Her YouTube channel is awesome. A couple of years ago she posted Prelude 12 on YouTube.

Prelude 12 is interesting because it is in F minor – which almost works on a lever harp if you tune to A flat rather than E flat. I say almost, because Bach wanders around, and you find you need to play a couple of G flats as he changes key.

I had transposed it down to D minor to try to play it – D minor hits the sweet spot with my harp. But I am really intrigued by her lever change notes. Does she de-tune the G on her harp? Does she sharpen the F and play an F# instead?

I asked in a YouTube comment – and 天琴座海妖 suggested I post my email address so she could respond. I think this is a nicer way to reach out. I doubt I will be plagued by spammers by saying here that I can be reached at ab [at] .

谢谢 天琴座海妖 。 我非常喜欢听你的音乐

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