Subtitle A—Employment Verification System

1301.18 Sec. 3101. Unlawful employment of unauthorized aliens.
[+Schumer1 Coons9 (2nd) Coons1 Franken2 Grassley31,36,38] 1414.17 Sec. 3102. Increasing security and integrity of social security cards.
1420.1.. Sec. 3103. Increasing security and integrity of immigration documents.
1420.9.. Sec. 3104. Responsibilities of the Social Security Administration.
1422.3.. Sec. 3105. Improved prohibition on discrimination based on national origin or citizenship status. [+ Blumenthal18 Coons10]
1430.1.. Sec. 3106. Rulemaking.
1431.1.. Sec. 3107. Office of the small business and employee advocate. [+Franken4"]