Part IV - Inspection, Apprehension, Examination, Exclusion, and Removal

§231Lists of alien and citizen passengers arriving and departing
§232Detention of aliens for physical and mental examination
§233Entry through or from foreign territory and adjacent islands
§234Designation of ports of entry for aliens arriving by aircraft
§235Inspection by immigration officers; expedited removal of inadmissible arriving aliens; referral for hearing
§235APreinspection at foreign airports
§236Apprehension and detention of aliens
§236AMandatory detention of suspected terrorists; habeas corpus; judicial review
§237Deportable aliens
§238Expedited removal of aliens convicted of committing aggravated felonies
§239Initiation of removal proceedings
§240Removal proceedings
§240ACancellation of removal; adjustment of status
§240BVoluntary departure
§240CRecords of admission
§241Detention and removal of aliens ordered removed