Subtitle G—Interior Enforcement

1543.18 Sec. 3701. Criminal street gangs.
1547.13 Sec. 3702. Banning habitual drunk drivers from the United States. [+Grassley44]
1549.14 Sec. 3703. Sexual abuse of a minor.
1549.21 Sec. 3704. Illegal entry.
1553.4.. Sec. 3705. Reentry of removed alien.
1558.3.. Sec. 3706. Penalties related to removal.
1559.16 Sec. 3707. Reform of passport, visa, and immigration fraud offenses. [+Lee16,17]
1567.1.. Sec. 3708. Combating schemes to defraud aliens.
1568.22 Sec. 3709. Inadmissibility and removal for passport and immigration fraud offenses.
1569.19 Sec. 3710. Directives related to passport and document fraud.
1573.13 Sec. 3711. Inadmissible aliens.
1579.3.. Sec. 3712. Organized and abusive human smuggling activities.
1585.4.. Sec. 3713. Preventing criminals from renouncing citizenship during wartime.
1585.10 Sec. 3714. Diplomatic security service.
1586.1.. Sec. 3715. Secure alternatives programs.
1587.6.. Sec. 3716. Oversight of detention facilities.
1591.22 Sec. 3717. Procedures for bond hearings and filings of notices to appear.[+Blumenthal2]
1602.18 Sec. 3718. Sanctions for countries that delay or prevent repatriation of their nationals.
1603.13 Sec. 3719. Gross violations of human rights. [+ Coons12]

1606.13 Sec. 3720. Reporting and record-keeping requirements relating to the detention of aliens[+ Coons6]
NEW.... Sec. 3721. [error - not in bill text] Consideration of eligibility for certain public assistance for purposes of determining if aliens are public charges.
1614.3.. Sec. 3721. Powers of immigration officers and employees at sensitive locations[+ Blumenthal8]