Subtitle C—Future Immigration

1146.10 Sec. 2301. Merit-based points track one.
[+ Hirono11 ] 1161.14 Sec. 2302. Merit-based track two. [+Schumer1]
1166.3.. Sec. 2303. Repeal of the diversity visa program.
1167.15 Sec. 2304. World-wide levels and recapture of unused immigrant visas.
[+ Flake3/Schumer Schumer1] 1171.14 Sec. 2305. Reclassification of spouses and minor children of lawful permanent residents as immediate relatives.
[+ Leahy3] 1196.14 Sec. 2306. Numerical limitations on individual foreign states.
1198.13 Sec. 2307. Allocation of immigrant visas.
1218.13 Sec. 2308. Inclusion of communities adversely affected by a recommendation of the defense base closure and realignment commission as targeted employment areas.
[+ Cornyn8 ] 1219.3.. Sec. 2309. V nonimmigrant visas. [+Schumer1]
1222.21 Sec. 2310. Fiancée and fiancé child status protection.
1227.7.. Sec. 2311. Equal treatment for all stepchildren.
1227.11 Sec. 2312. Modification of adoption age requirements.
1228.11 Sec. 2313. Relief for orphans, widows, and widowers.
1233.1.. Sec. 2314. Discretionary authority with respect to removal, deportation or inadmissibility of citizen and resident immediate family members.
1236.3.. Sec. 2315. Waivers of inadmissibility.
1240.6.. Sec. 2316. Continuous presence.
1240.17 Sec. 2317. Global health care cooperation.
1248.8.. Sec. 2318. Extension and improvement of the Iraqi special immigrant visa program.
1255.1.. Sec. 2319. Extension and improvement of the Afghan special immigrant visa program.
1263.1.. Sec. 2320.Special Immigrant Nonminister Religious Worker Program.[+Leahy2]
FIXME Sec. 2321. Special immigrant status for certain surviving spouses and children [+Coons3]
1264.7.. Sec. 2322. Reunification of certain families of filipino veterans of World War II. [+Hirono1]