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§ 3901 : DISCLOSURE.


REQUIREMENT FOR DISCLOSURE AT TIME OF EXCHANGE VISITOR PROGRAM RECRUITMENT ACTIVITY.—Any person who engages in exchange visitor program recruitment activity shall develop certain information, previously approved by and on file with the exchange visitor program sponsor, to be disclosed in writing in English to the exchange visitor before the exchange visitor pays fees described in section 3904, other than refundable fees and a reasonable non-refundable deposit, or otherwise detrimentally relies on information provided by an exchange program sponsor or foreign entity. This information shall be made available to the Secretary of State, or an exchange visitor requesting his or her own file, within 5 business days of request, consistent with program regulations in part 62 of title 22, Code of Federal Regulations. Not later than 18 months after the date of the enactment of this Act, the Secretary of State shall, in consultation with the Secretary of Labor, amend such regulations to reflect the information to be disclosed, including the following:


The identity and address of the exchange visitor program sponsor, host entity, and any foreign entity with authority to charge fees and costs under section 3904.


All assurances and terms and conditions of employment, from the prospective host entity of the exchange visitor, including place and period of employment, job duties, number of work hours, wages and compensation, and any deductions from wages and benefits, including deductions for housing and transportation. Nothing in this paragraph shall be construed to permit any charge, deduction, or expense prohibited by this or any other law.


A copy of the prospective agreement between the exchange visitor program sponsor, exchange visitor, and the host entity.


Information regarding the terms and conditions of the nonimmigrant status under which the exchange visitor is to be admitted, and the period of stay in the United States allowed for such nonimmigrant status.


A copy of the fee disclosure form as described in section 3904(d) listing the mandatory and optional costs or expenses to be charged to the exchange visitor.


The existence of any labor organizing effort, collective bargaining agreement, labor contract, strike, lockout, or other labor dispute at the host entity.


Whether and the extent to which exchange visitors will be compensated through workers' compensation, private insurance, or otherwise for injuries or death, including work-related injuries and death, during the period of employment.


A description of the sanctions the exchange visitor program sponsor is currently subject to, if any, as imposed by the Department of State.


A statement in a form specified by the Secretary of State—


stating that in accordance with guidelines and regulations promulgated by the Secretary —


the costs and fees charged by the exchange program sponsor, foreign entity, and host entity do not exceed those permitted by section 3904 and are legal under the laws of the United States and the home country of the exchange visitor; and


the exchange visitor program sponsor, foreign entity, or host entity may bear costs or fees not provided for in section 3904, but that fees under that section cannot be passed along to the exchange visitor.


Any education or training to be provided or required, other than education or training provided in accordance with section 62.10 (b) and (c) of title 22, Code of Federal Regulations, as pre-arrival information or orientation and additional orientation and training requirements as described in each relevant category under sections 62.22, 62.24, 62.30, 62.31, and 62.32 of that title.


A clear statement explaining that—


except as provided in subparagraph (B), no additional significant requirements or significant changes may be made to the original contract signed with a handwritten, electronic, or digital pin code signature by the exchange visitor without at least 24 hours to consider such changes and the specific consent of the exchange visitor, obtained voluntarily and without threat of penalty; and


changes may be made to the conditions of employment contained in the original contract even if the exchange visitor has not had 24 hours to consider such changes, provided the exchange visitor has specifically consented to the changes, voluntarily and without threat of penalty, and such changes must be implemented without giving the exchange visitor 24 hours to consider them in order to protect the health or welfare of the exchange visitor.


REQUIREMENT FOR RULES.—The Secretary of State shall define by rule or guidance what constitutes refundable fees and a reasonable non-refundable deposit for the purpose subsection (a).


RELATIONSHIP TO LABOR AND EMPLOYMENT LAWS.—Nothing in the disclosure required by subsection (a) shall constitute a legal conclusion as to the exchange visitor’s status or rights under the labor and employment laws.


PROHIBITION ON FALSE AND MISLEADING INFORMATION AND CERTAIN FEES.—No exchange visitor program sponsor, foreign entity, or host entity who engages in any exchange visitor program activity shall knowingly provide materially false or misleading information to any exchange visitor concerning any matter required to be disclosed under subsection (a). Charging fees for services not provided or assessing fees that exceed the amounts established by the Secretary of State pursuant to section 3904 is a violation of this section. The disclosure required by this section is a document concerning the proper administration of a matter within the jurisdiction of a department or agency of the United States for the purposes of section 1519 of title 18, United States Code, and other provisions of such title.


PUBLIC AVAILABILITY OF INFORMATION.—The Secretary of State shall amend its regulations at part 62 of title 22, Code of Federal Regulations, to require sponsors to make publicly available, including on their websites and in recruiting materials, information regarding fees, costs, and services associated with their exchange visitor programs, including foreign entity names and contact points, and other factors relevant to exchange visitors' choice of sponsor or foreign entity.