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REQUIREMENT FOR DISCLOSURE.—Any person who engages in foreign labor contracting activity shall ascertain and disclose in writing in English and in the primary language of the worker at the time of the worker’s recruitment, the following information:


The identity and address of the employer and the identity and address of the person conducting the recruiting on behalf of the employer, including any subcontractor or agent involved in such recruiting.


[Blumenthal5]All assurances and terms and conditions of employment, from the prospective employer for whom the worker is being recruited, including the work hours, level of compensation to be paid, the place and period of employment, a description of the type and nature of employment activities, any withholdings or deductions from compensation and any penalties for terminating employment.


[Blumenthal5]A signed copy of the work contract between the worker and the employer.


The type of visa under which the foreign worker is to be employed, the length of time for which the visa will be valid, the terms and conditions under which the visa may be renewed, and a clear statement of any expenses associated with securing or renewing the visa.


An itemized list of any costs or expenses to be charged to the worker and any deductions to be taken from wages, including any costs for housing or accommodation, transportation to and from the worksite, meals, health insurance, workers’ compensation, costs of benefits provided, medical examinations, healthcare, tools, or safety equipment costs.


The existence of any labor organizing effort, strike, lockout, or other labor dispute at the place of employment.


Whether and the extent to which workers will be compensated through workers’ compensation, private insurance, or otherwise for injuries or death, including work related injuries and death, during the period of employment and, if so, the name of the State workers’ compensation insurance carrier or the name of the policyholder of the private insurance, the name and the telephone number of each person who must be notified of an injury or death, and the time period within which such notice must be given.


A statement, in a form specified by the Secretary—


stating that—


no foreign labor contractor, agent, or employee of a foreign labor contractor, may lawfully assess any fee (including visa fees, processing fees, transportation fees, legal expenses, placement fees, and other costs) to a worker for any foreign labor contracting activity; and


the employer may bear such costs or fees for the foreign labor contractor, but that these fees cannot be passed along to the worker;


explaining that—


no additional significant requirements or changes may be made to the original contract signed by the worker without at least 24 hours to consider such changes and the specific consent of the worker, obtained voluntarily and without threat of penalty; and


any significant changes made to the original contract that do not comply with clause (i) shall be a violation of this subtitle and be subject to the provisions of section ~3610 of this Act; and


describing the protections afforded the worker by this section and by section 202 of the William Wilberforce Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act of 2008 (8 U.S.C. 1375b) and any applicable visa program, including—


relevant information about the procedure for filing a complaint provided for in section 3611and


the telephone number for the national human trafficking resource center hotline number.


Any education or training to be provided or required, including—


the nature, timing, and cost of such training;


the person who will pay such costs;


whether the training is a condition of employment, continued employment, or future employment; and


whether the worker will be paid or remunerated during the training period, including the rate of pay.


RELATIONSHIP TO LABOR AND EMPLOYMENT LAWS.—Nothing in the disclosure required by subsection (a) shall constitute a legal conclusion as to the worker’s status or rights under the labor and employment laws.


PROHIBITION ON FALSE AND MISLEADING INFORMATION.—No foreign labor contractor or employer who engages in any foreign labor contracting activity shall knowingly provide materially false or misleading information to any worker concerning any matter required to be disclosed under subsection (a). The disclosure required by this section is a document concerning the proper administration of a matter within the jurisdiction of a department or agency of the United States for the purposes of section 1519 of title 18, United States Code.